Next-Gen Endpoint Protection

SentinelOne’s breakthrough platform is certified as an antivirus replacement, recognized by Gartner and NSS Labs for its disruption, and trusted by the world’s most forward-thinking companies to protect their business.

Why Sentinel One

Virtual shakedowns of organizations via ransomware computer software are becoming both more prevalent and more sophisticated, and are an increasingly major problem for businesses. Know sooner, react faster. Upon detection of malicious behavior, mitigate and remediate at machine speed to minimize your vulnerability.

SentinelOne’s Deep File Inspection (DFI) engine prevents today’s most sophisticated file-based malware. Save up to 75% compared to other anti-virus products on the market that operate similiar.

SentinelOne is installed and managed without disrupting the security of your business. Our unified platform replaces AV, HIPS, Anti-Exploit, EDR, and forensics to reduce complexity without compromising capabilities.

How it Works Differently

Traditional anti-virus uses a list of known bad processes and services to address malicious activity. The issue with this approach is that with readily available tools persons can easily mask or relabel a service and it will no longer be detected. SentinelOne approaches security with a different approach which is why we call it Next Generation End-Point Protection and not anti-virus.

Using the speed of modern computing SentinelOne analyzed, remediates, and reports on malicious attacks faster than any security professional. SentinelOne is code aware and able to “read” what a script or code is trying to do before it is able to exploit your computer.

SentinelOne is the company transforming endpoint security by delivering real-time protection powered by machine learning and dynamic behavior analysis, today announced that its proprietary Endpoint Protection Platform outperformed 11 other companies, including legacy AV vendors McAfee, Symantec, and Avast, in defending computers running Mac OS X from malware in an AV-Test assessment.

SentinelOne detected and removed 100 percent of the malware samples with zero false positive and out of all the software tested, SentinelOne had the least impact on overall system performance. Furthermore, SentinelOne was the only company using next-generation technology, such as machine learning to defend users from the changing threat landscape.

protects Windows, OS X, and Linux-based endpoint devices against advanced malware, exploits and live/insider attacks. It monitors all activity on the endpoint via an autonomous lightweight agent, leverages dynamic behavior-based threat detection, offers fully integrated, automated mitigation and remediation capabilities, and generates real-time forensics.

The SentinelOne Critical Server Protection Platform (CSPP) deploys across physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers running Windows or Linux. It offers comprehensive protection against advanced threats, enabling organizations to stay compliant and secure without compromising server performance.


Simple per-device monthly pricing

(Windows, Mac, Linux)
(Windows or Linux)
24/7 Monitoring
Reporting PCI/HIPAA Compliance
Automated Response
$10.00/mo $18.00/mo