Cloud Voip Communications

Flexible - Cost Effective - Reliable

Fully Dedicated Without Feature Limits

Our robust VoIP service network gives businesses highly flexible communication abilities to streamline call flows and expand without limits.

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Never miss a call, even for busy users on the go. Get all your calls on any device seamlessly whether you are at your desk or out for lunch.

User Extensions

With unlimited user extensions and voice mail boxes, users can be reached directly and effectively. Giving a personal touch to your customers.


Flexible conferencing capabilities allow you to conference multiple staff, and customers all at once with dedicated conferencing and three-way calling. Improve business performance with an easy, seamless solution.

Monitoring and Reporting

Get an enhanced operator panel for your receptionists and unique insights with tracking & reporting for your management staff.

Call Flow and Routing

We can assist in designing a call routing plan to ensure all calls gets to the right place, and fail-over call routing for when your business is under pressure.


Our VoIP network allows your business to scale with multiple locations seamlessly. Reach any phone or device from any location, any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Keep Our Phone Numbers?

Absolutley, we work with your ISP and others on a daily basis, we have processes for seemless transitions from system to system and can even plan exact cutover times.

Will Our Existing Phone Work With Our Service?

Typically yes, aslong as they are VoIP phones running capable of SIP. Analong phones are not capable of directly connecting tou our VoIP service. We will always have a technician come out and assess your equipment before you sign up with our service.

Do I Still Need Phone Lines?

No, our service uses your internet connection, allowing your business to decrease your internet service provider (ISP) bill and avoid being locked into a contract with phone lines.

Will I Be Locked Into a Contract?

We do not lock customers into contracts. We provide a high quality, cost effective service that we believe customers will see, and understand, allowing them to feel comfortable with their decision in choosing us for their communication needs.

Is This System Secure?

Our VoIP network is extremely secure as we fully manage and own our entire infrastructure in a secured datacenter. Each customer phone server (PBX) is hosted in its own envirement allowing for improved security measures, and end-to-end firewall network protection.

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