Cloud Infrastructure

We utilize local data centers around Columbus with our own hardware. Providing businesses with migration assistance to the cloud that delivers the reliability and scale that companies require without sacraficing their bottom-line.

The Cloud Advantage

Data centers are designed for reliability, multiple internet service providers, redundant power grid, and backup generators are all part of becoming a certified data center. With multiple service providers network outages are less likely to create an interval of service issue. A redundant power grid provides two main power trunks to the building, these power feeds continue on two separate paths to the server. The staff at a datacenter is crucial as well, they are constantly monitoring systems to ensure the environment is maintained for optimal server operation.

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Full Migration Service
  • Cost Effective

Hybrid Cloud

With the cloud you can operate your business anywhere! Hybrid cloud storage is an approach to managing storage that uses both local and off-site resources. Hybrid Cloud Storage can be deployed in several ways, but cloud systems are usually designed using an in-house storage infrastructure, along with an external storage as a service application. This solution removes the security risk of keeping data in public cloud storage facilities, and saves you money because additional equipment is not needed. A prime candidate for the Hybrid Cloud solution is someone who utilizes media storage, you could keep your files onsite for quick and convenient access. This also reduces the need for bandwidth. A hybrid solution can also provide improved availability for locations with limited connectivity.

Cost Effective Meets Scalability

Scale up or down, and only pay for what you use.

Cost Effective

Cloud services can be custom tailored to what you use, because infrastructure can be expanded at anytime without outage there is no reason to over provision for what you need. Storage can be purchased in as small as 50 GB chunks, and light server provisions can be single processor with 512 MB of RAM for basic services. The cloud lets your small business test and develop processes without the massive overhead of purchasing hardware in your business.


Cloud servers don’t require you purchasing new hardware simply ask for more and it is provisioned to your account. Servers in the cloud are frequently virtualized expanding resources does not require the downtime of a physical system. Addition of a new drive or RAM can be nearly instantaneously, with some cloud services offering live migration between tiers of service

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