About Forefront Solutions

IT Infrastructure and Web Development Services

Our Mission

To be the best, in the eyes of the employees, in the eyes of our clients, and in the eyes of our competition.

Our Vision

Forefront Solutions will be a fair and honest technology company that will prove through actions that integrity is at the center of our core beliefs in all that we do.

Top 8 Reasons to Partner With Forefront

One-Stop Shop

We have dedicated in-house teams in IT Infrastructure and web development. We provide your business with an end to end solution to make technology and your digital presence work for you.

10-Minute Response Time

We are proud to offer one of the best response rates in the industry of 10 minutes or less. We can accommodate even the most critical business with industry leading Service Level Agreements.

Give Back to Our Community

Our entire team lives and works here in Central Ohio and Gives Back to Our Community Members of Forefront frequently volunteer and are involved in various non-profit organizations that impact local communities.

Training your Staff

We provide monthly training for your staff in different IT/Web scenarios to help cut down on potential threats and strengthen weak areas.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Forefront works on a flat-rate pricing structure so that we can ensure that our technicians can perform their tasks with the upmost quality at a price our customers can expect and rely on.

No Long-Term Contracts

Excellent service shouldn't require a long-term contract. We feel that both our clients and ourselves benefit from not requiring long-term contracts for our services. We must earn your business month after month.

100% Service Quality Guarantee

As rare as they are at Forefront, if we make a mistake we will always make it right, and your service is free.

Positively impact Your Bottom Line

As our staff builds a relationship and works directly with your organization, it its our philosophy and goal to be able to educate your staff on the technology we introduce and maintain to decrease downtime and increase efficiency.

Our Team

Scott Merritt

"I have spent a lifetime helping others achieve their goals in return for them helping me achieve mine. As a Co-Owner of Forefront Solutions and owner of a HVAC contracting business I understand the technology needs that business owners have. My goal is to give you what you need to be successful."

Tara Lowe

"Being in Business Management & Customer Service for many years, I am proud to be part of a company that helps small/medium sized businesses around Ohio grow and be successful every day. I personally work one-on-one with our clients daily and it is very rewarding for me to help integrate our team with your team. I look forward to meeting you. Give us a call today."

Michael Robtoy